Friday, October 10, 2008

Vacant Homes

When a potential buyer walks into a "vacan.t home" the first thing he or she sees is a "distressed" home. In this market if an offer is made it most likely will be an extremely "low" offer. Most vacant home can be staged for less than $750.00 for the first month and under $500.00 from there on. We try hard to keep our staging cost at a price that a homeowner can afford. Give me a call and lets see what I can do for all your vacant homes. Consultation are free!


Bethany said...

Just to add to that, only 10% of people can visualize what the home will look like with furniture! Paisley Home Staging has great furniture to go with all types of homes that is budget friendly! I wouldn't rent from any other company!

StagedToSell said...

Hello Bethany,

I currently am renting with CORT and have been very pleased with their product and service also. I like that you can find something different most times when you go into their showroom with their lines always changing. The team is great to work with also. I work with a lady named Jen at their showroom and she's very helpful. Thanks for the tip on additional options to consider.