Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

My home is now on the market. It has taken my husband and me weeks to get it ready. My family has been working every extra hour we have, to repair things a potential buyer and their home inspector might frown upon.
Home inspectors are a useful tool when buying and selling a home. They are the individuals who find hidden problem with a home. I would never purchase a home without a home inspection, in fact our inspection on our new home is today at 10:00 am. A good stager should be able to tell you some if not all of the issues that a home inspector might find. Then these issues can be repaired before an inspector finds them.
I am very fortunate to have a family member and a close friend that are inspector. I have called upon them with numerous questions for my clients. They seem to find issues and question situation that might arise for the new home owner. During an inspection if any issues are found, you as a buyer can request repairs be made before closing, in some cases this is your chance to back out of the purchase.
This is what brings me to another person I value my Agent. When you made your offer your agent should have put this type of request into your offer. Brokers and Agents are required by law to pass a State test and required to complete a certain number of CE (continue education) credits each year to maintain their license. A lot of brokers hold mandatory meetings during the months for their agent; since brokers are in general reliable for their agents it is beneficial to keep them up to date on any changes in the laws that might affect clients.
One of the first things I tell clients is start interviewing agents and brokers. Find an agent! Agents are a great resource for getting your house sold. I am a true believer in using an agent. Look at a few things when interviewing an agent. During the interview process ask the agent for his broker’s information. Call the broker and ask him or her questions about the agent and the brokerage. You will be amazed what information a broker will give you. Ask question such as what is the brokerage and agent going to do for you.
Agent should be utilizing every benefit the brokerage has to offer. Find out what benefits the brokerage offers? Compare it to other brokerages. Every brokerage offers different benefits, some offer staging or buyer/seller incentives (money back at closing). By asking the broker question you can find out what benefits the brokerage offers and them what the agent offers in addition. Shop around it’s FREE!! Interview 3-4 different agents and brokerages. Get a feel for both.
Selling and buying a new home can be stressful. A good agent will help remove some of the stress for you, but it is still up to you to prepare your home for sale. Currently it is a buyer’s market, but that does not mean you can’t sale you home, it’s just going to take some work from you to get your house ready. Good Luck on selling and buying and remember your agent is a great resource so use them. That is what he or she is getting paid for.