Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Serious Home Seller Tips

The fall market moved quickly upon us. The staging tips I have for you this week is directed to the serious home sellers.
The winter market (December and January) are the toughest selling times of the year. The good thing about this market is that only serious buyers are looking. I know that sound like an oxymoron and in a way it is, I’ll explain.
A typical thing happens every year and this year I don’t believe the economy will change it. During the next few months numerous homes will be taken off the market. Over the years the reasons I have been told are: moving during the holidays or homeowners don’t want to move in cold snowy weather. This leaves only the serious sellers on the market.
A serious buyer is one who wants or need a new house and is not letting holiday or cold stop them. A serious buyer is kind of like my sisters who brave the Friday after Thanksgiving to go shopping.
Let start with fall curb appeal. This time of year the leaves are falling into the flower beds so rake them onto your lawn then mow them up don’t forget to use the catcher. It’s as simple as that.
Once more great suggestion is to buy a few bags of mulch and spread around your flower beds. This defines the flower beds and makes the grass look awesome. Mulch is a seasonal item and might be hard to find at your local hardware store try a nursery.
Holiday decorating is a touchy subject, but one that must be touch on. Let’s start with curb appeal, to many lights can scare buyers away. Staging Rule: Less is best! Keep all décor at a minimum. This is one rule you can’t break when it comes to curb appeal. Christmas lights and objects are classified as personal items. The cute plastic Santa, reindeer and any other yard item are not to be put in your yard. I do allow a few exceptions but first I want to see it. You can e-mail me a picture of your Christmas décor and I will give you a simple yes or no. White lights can add a touch of class and highlight the house. If you do add any lights make it extremely easy to put up and take down. You might be doing it in the cold weather.

Inside décor is another place to Simplify. Yes, you can have your Christmas tree, but minimize all the other items. A simple center piece on your dining table and coffee table are fine. Remember your fireplace is a focal point. This year your stocking will count as décor. If your stocking don’t match don’t use. Rule of thumb for mantle is keep it simple. Decorate your mantle then send me a picture and I will let you know how you did.

Your fireplace is a focal point use it wisely. Items for your fireplace should be simple and elegant. Use a wreath or a mirror with a tall item such as a nutcracker on one side and staggering candle sticks up to 3 on the other side, use a silky scarf in neutral colors instead of garland. Same goes for your centerpieces use a silky scarf once again and no more than 3 candles with your centerpiece. You can also buy one yard of silky material from your local fabric store to use as a scarf. Pick a solid color that will enhance your space such as white, brown, bronze, gold, black, and silver. How to make great candle sticks. Find a three to four inch diameter log with bark, cut into staggering heights then place pillar candles upon them.

When you are living in a home that is on the market remember to keep it clean, decluttered and pack up your personal items. Buyers are more likely to buy your home if you can hide the fact that you are living in it. Make your house a model home.
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Vacant Home Staging
Finally word to serious sellers if you are selling a “vacant” home this is the best time to have your vacant home staged. My average staged vacant homes are receiving offers within the first 4 to 8 weeks. A vacant home sends a message to a buyer that the home is distress. By staging you take the distressed look away.
The average cost to stage a vacant home currently is about $1,500.00 for 3 months. That is a lot less than a price reduction. Also did you know hiring a professional stager can be used as a tax write off. Included in vacant staging: furniture and all the accessories needed to make your home feel like a model home.

Once again if you have questions please blog me I am more than happy to help.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Home Staging Tips

Currently on www. paisleyhomestaging.blogspot.com I have a new stager her name is Paisley. I have hired her to answer your staging question and staging tips. So send me your questions so Paisley Stager can stay employeed.
Tamie Ogden

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Assignment 2 House Staging for Home Sellers

Assignment 2
Now that we have Halloween out of the way I hope all sellers have started to stage. It is now November and Christmas is knocking at our doors, so are potential buyers. If you didn’t read or start assignment one you can find it on www.paisleyhomestaging.blogspot.com.
In assignment two I am hoping that you got all your clutter cleaned up and put away. You have started your honey do list and ready to move on. Literally ready to move on to a new house, if you’re having second thought this is a great time to reflect on the reasons you are moving. It is believed in many cultures that a house will not sale until the owners have emotional detached themselves from the house. In English a seller must really want to "move" for the house to sell.
At this point in staging you’ve gone over your pros and cons list, looked at the pictures, cleaned the cob webs, decluttered, and have become somewhat organized. You’ve packed up those simple items in the kitchen and have started other areas of your home, such as the garage? Please don’t just fill up your garage with all the items removed from your home. Clean garages help sell houses.
Now is the time to set deadlines such as when your first open house will be? When you first want to start your advertising? Time to start a new List:
1. What is your staging budget?
2. If you have large repair you need to consider how long it will take the project to be complete? What it will cost? Maybe it is time to start getting bids from a handyman for those major repairs or even minor repairs. Most bids are free.
3. Carpets? Do we need to replace or have it “professionally cleaned?” How old are they? Do we have pet odor? What color are they?
4. Paint? Do we need to paint? Or can we touch up? How long has it been since we painted? What color are the walls?
5. How old is your kitchen? How old is your bathrooms? Do they have any problems such as a leaky faucet? Worn flooring, etc.
Go back and look at your pros and cons list and ask yourself these questions. Below are some simple guidelines to help you stage your home for sell:
· If carpet is more than 10 years and an odd color (example: red, green, yellow, blue, orange, rust or anything marbled in these colors) are good reasons why you need to replace your carpets. Bad idea to offer a carpet allowance. Most carpet retailers don’t charge to measure and will give you a free bid. You don’t have to use them, but it does give you a rough idea of a number for your budget.
· If it has been a few years since you last painted, it is probably time to paint. It is fairly inexpensive to paint. A five gallons bucket of paint costs about $100.00 and is enough to paint the average home, so evaluate your walls. Also stick with a paint that is a high hiding one coat. A uniform wall color throughout the home sells a home. Stick with a neutral such as light beige with white trim. You would be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room. Did you know that some cupboard can be painted?
· Fixtures are like jewelry for a home. Styles change, brass is out!!!!!!! Start with light fixtures. You don’t have to buy the most expensive fixtures. A simple brush nickel fixture will change and update the look of a room.
· If your faucet and fixture are outdated replace them. If the toilet leaks fix it. Clean up any mold or mildew it just looks bad. This is one of many area’s that a home inspector can find issues.
· Kitchens are what makes or breaks a deal. If your kitchen is old and out dated there are a few things that you can do to give it a mini make over. As stated above some cupboard can be painted. New counter tops can really make an outdated kitchen look new. If your kitchen floors are tired and worn replace them. Do not use peel and stick tile flooring. Prefab counter tops and laminated flooring can be purchased through your local hard ware store. All of these task can be taken on by a do it yourselfer. Just give yourself some time.
Starting and complete one project at a time! By doing this you won’t become overwhelmed with projects. I always recommend start with an inexpensive project first, like painting. Another rule I have is if you can’t paint, then don’t try and be a do it yourselfer.
By preparing your home for sell, you are taking away a mental list that a potential buyer creates as he or she walks through a “Home for Sell.” A mental list also means no offer.
On a typical consultation with a client I spend an hour letting home owners know what is wrong with their home. Trust me a potential buyer will see everything that is “wrong” with your home before he or she the positive side of your home.
If you have questions please blog me. Yes I will use it on my blog as an example for others, but you will get the answers you need to sell your home.
Tamie Ogden
Owner / Paisley Home Staging