Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Utah Market

I have been told by many Economist that Utah is a unique market. Once again I see it with my own eyes. Did you know that last month Utah was one of the top ten for "new" home mortgages? What does this mean? It means that Utahns are out there taking advantage of our great market.
If you are in the market to sell or your home is currently on the market and you are not getting the response you would like, it might be time to contact a professional stager.
The best thing about even a consultation with a stager is the advice she or he will give you to get your house moving. Consultation on the average here in Utah start at $50.00 an hour. You would be amazed at what one hour of consultation can do.
A stager will view your home as a potential buyer will. Most people are afraid of what advice a stager will give them. Don't be scared of me I don't bite. A little bit of "Halloween Humor."
We are currently going into the "Winter" market, don't waste precious time wondering.

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Bethany said...

I'm getting excited for our busy months! These networking meetings have been great too! Thanks again for hosting this last one. I truly believe you have the best selection of affordable rental furniture!
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